Our Environmental Commitment

At Rosita and Pescadores hotels we are committed to caring for the environment.

And by virtue of this commitment we have implemented a series of measures and actions that allow us to contribute to this end.

We have a voluntary environmental certification programme (VECP) endorsed by the Secretariat of the Environment and Territorial Development (semadet), the objective of which is to implement measures, activities and actions in various areas that contribute to improving environmental care.

These are some of the measures and activities carried out at our facilities in an effort to meet our environmental objectives:

Responsible management of special and hazardous waste: We have implemented a programme for the collection and separation of all waste, which is stored and delivered to companies authorised by the authorities for processing and final disposal. We also operate materials recycling and reuse programmes in different areas of the hotel.

Rational use and care of water and electricity: we operate a programme for the saving and rational use of water and electricity via the implementation of training and awareness-raising programmes aimed at all our staff.

Use of water-saving devices: pressure reducers, eco.toilets, green area irrigation programme, monitoring of the amount of water used, drinking water quality studies. wastewater studies, etc.

Control and reduction of atmospheric emissions: Emission studies are carried out and all equipment is periodically reviewed. Preventive and corrective maintenance (heaters, emergency lighting, air conditioners, etc.) is also carried out and equipment and supplies are purchased in an effort to reduce the emission of pollutants.

Emergency Service: all equipment is periodically checked to avoid incidents (gas installations, lightning rod system, electrical installations, lifts, heaters, cisterns, pumping systems, etc.).

For this purpose, internal civil protection brigades have been set up in which drills are carried out and training in fire fighting, first aid, evacuation and search and rescue is provided for our staff.

Dear guest and visitor, we invite you to participate and would very much appreciate your joining us in our environmental commitment by following these tips:
These actions and measures will contribute to the care for our environment.

Turtle Release Programme

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